A Perfect Shot of Coffee Paints the Tongue….Amante de café…..

Express the feelings for espresso…Hi, coffeeholic…Good Coffee Mornings and evenings. Come let's drown in the coffee world and collect the magic treasures from this magnificent bean. The only bean makes us laugh every day after Mr. Bean is a cute coffee bean….

This wonderful wonder has a history which is kept secret for many decades. Let crack open the shell and find the aroma of the bean. Journey with coffee make your life aromatic. Let's know something about this…..

What’s Coffee??

Coffee fruit is one type of a cherry and coffee bean is a pit inside the fruit. Bean is separated from the fruit or pulp, dried, roasted, and brewed. Some are wet-processed, dry-processed, or semi- dry-processed based on the consumer requirement. This makes the coffee exotic.

Why Coffee?? Coffee gives instant energy and boosts the mind. Black coffee makes physical activity easier. Bulletproof coffee gives a good start to a complete diet. There is evidence like it will reduce the risk of cancer, cavities, multiple sclerosis, etc. However, nobody drinks coffee based on its long-term health benefits but for refreshment.

History of Coffee…..

The discovery of coffee was very interesting. It was said that these coffee cherries were discovered by an Ethiopian farmer named Kaldi. He was a goat farmer. One day he noticed that goats were dancing and are energetic after eating a type of cherry while grazing in fields. He then tried to have those berries and found that it's giving some unknown energy.

He kept his discovery to himself. Later one monk came that way and saw that energy in the goats. He wondered and have known about berries through Kaldi. He took that berries, dried, and made it a powder. By adding boiled water to that powder, he made an energetic drink. Thus, the first cup of coffee came out. Later he explained the same to fellow monks and popularized the berries. Later it spread among the world with many names. Arabians called it as “Qahwa” (Drink from coffee), Turkish “Kahveh”, Dutch “Koffie” and finally stood as “coffee”.

Types of Coffee Drinks

Around the world, coffee is processed by adopting many ways. A lot of coffee drinks come the way. Let's pour some coffee into our minds.

Black Coffee

It is a brewed coffee from ground coffee and instant coffee. It doesn’t include milk and other ingredients. This is slightly acidic and is in black color. It actually gives the real taste of the coffee. It has benefits like low calories, reducing heart-related risks, antioxidants, and other nutrition.


Espresso is a complex, aromatic type of coffee made out of pressurized boiled water. It’s simply a pack of caffeine. It acts as a base for many coffee drinks. It is generally denser than other types of coffee


It is one type of coffee made in Moka pot. It was invented by an Italian engineer from the Yemeni city of Mocha. This is one of the famous coffee in Italy. Moka pots are made of Aluminium or stainless steel or other types of alloys. Moka pots also gives espresso type of coffee at low pressures.

Espresso Romano

Wondering that it is not related to Italy or Rome as the name suggests. It’s a type of drink that includes espresso with a lemon peel. Espresso will be served along with a piece of lemon which induce some sweetness to espresso


It is a coffee drink made out of espresso mixed with Brandy or Rum. In the traditional method, Brandy or Rum is heated before mixing coffee. This gives special aroma and this coffee can be taken after a meal