BEEJAMRUTHAM [Natural Seed Treatment]

Team: Phyto Learners

The quality of harvest [output]; depends on the quality of seed [input] that is sown.

Seed treatment: The purpose of any seed treatment is to improve seed performance.

  • Improve germination rates

  • Protects germinating seeds and seedlings against soil and seed borne pathogens

  • Enhance nodulation in legume

  • Early germination and uniform growth can be expected.

Why should we treat seeds chemical free?

When we apply poisonous chemicals for seed treatment all the useful microorganisms are destroyed. When these chemically treated seeds germinate the poison is sucked by the roots and gets deposited in vegetables, grains, fruits.

Thus indirectly it affects human health.


Beeja” is seed and “Amrutham” is the elixir of life.

  • The mixture which improves the seed life or seed germination rate is called as Beejamrutham.

  • Beejamrutham is mostly used in Natural Seed Treatment which removes toxins and gives disease resistance to the seed.

  • Beejamrutham is one of the core principle of ZBNF [ZERO BUDGET NATURAL FARMING]

Preparation of Beejamrutham for one acre of seeds:

Ingredients :

  • 20 litres of water

  • 5kgs of local desi cow dung

  • 5 litres of local cow urine

  • 50 grams of lime

  • Take a thin cloth to add 5kgs of desi cow dung

  • A hand full of soil from the farm


  1. Take a thin cloth to add 5kgs of desi cow dung.

  2. Hang this cloth inside the 20 litres water drum. leave it undisturbed for 12hours

  3. Take one litre of water and add 50 grams of lime leave it over night

  4. Next day morning take out the cloth containing cow dung. Squeeze the cloth to remove water from the cow dung mixture. now add handful soil

  5. into water solution.

  6. Finally add 5 litre of desi cow urine and lime solution to final mixture. Stir well.

  7. Beejamrutham is ready to treat the seeds.

  8. Beejamrutham should be used within 48 hours after preparation.

How seeds are treated by Beejamrutham ?

  1. Spread the seeds on to the cement floor/plastic sheet.

  2. Sprinkle Beejamrutham on the seeds .

  3. Rub the seeds by hands [only for monocot seeds, do not rub dicot seeds and leguminous seeds] .

  4. Dry the seeds in the shade .

  5. Finally sow the Beejamrutham treated seeds.

Advantages of Beejamrutham as Natural Seed Treatment:

  • The Beejamrutham treated seeds when sown beneficial bacteria, funguses are gathered near the roots and protects the roots .

  • Beejamrutham purifies the soil around the seed .

  • Improves germination rate .

  • Beejamrutham has harmones, alkaloids which enhances germination gives protection to seedlings.