Deforestation and its disastrous effects

Human-driven and natural loss of trees—deforestation—affects wildlife, ecosystems, weather patterns, and even the climate.

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Introduction: All of us know that there was a time when we would worship plants now we cut them brutally. These same forests are vanishing day by day just for our selfish needs resulting in deforestation. Have you ever given a thought to what will happen if deforestation continues? Let us study more about this.

What Does Deforestation Mean?

Deforestation means cutting down the trees to a large extent be it forests, any barren land or trees we see on our way to school every day. Natural forests are being destructed to use the land for cultivation, building houses, factories, logging, making space for cattle grazing, extraction of oil, mining, construction of dams or to obtain wood for making furniture and using it as fuel.

Forest wood has been an essential need for us since the time of civilization and still continues to be the main source for many uses in our day to day life. Trees help to maintain the water cycle and give shelter to the organisms. It takes place in an area that is densely populated by trees and is mostly observed in a forest like the Amazon rain forest. Forests cover almost 30% of the earth’s land.

Causes of Deforestation

The causes of deforestation are:


Illegal logging activities are very common that destroy the livelihoods of the people depending on forests. Wood-based industries like paper, match-sticks, furniture need a substantial amount of wood supply. Wood is used as fuel most commonly and so large amount of trees are cut down for fuel supplies. Firewood and charcoal are used as fuel.

Agricultural Activities

The conversion of forests into agricultural land is a big reason for deforestation. Due to overgrowing demand for food products, many trees are chopped down for crops and for cattle grazing. Over 40% of the forests are cleaned to obtain land and meet the needs of agriculture and wood.


Oil and mining of coal require a large amount of forest land. Construction of roads leads to deforestation as they provide the way to remote land. The waste that comes out from mining pollutes the environment and affects the nearby species.

Forest Fires

We lose a large number of trees each year due to fires in the forest in various portions worldwide. This happens due to extreme summers and winters. The fire caused, by man or nature, results in huge loss of forest cover

Solutions to Deforestation

Trees play a vital role in protecting our environment in several ways so we should protect the forest:

· The best way to stop deforestation is replanting.

· Ban on cutting of trees and new trees and planting more.

· There should be an implementation of regulations of laws at organizational and governmental levels due to the extent of deforestation.

· Spread the awareness about sensitization and organize educative campaigns about the effects of deforestation.

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