DRIED MILK AND TETRA-PACK MILK (DT) - Enjoy The Safety and Goodness of Milk Everyday


Hello Everyone, I hope all of you be safe at your home. In our last blog, we discussed the consumption of milk is safe during these quarantine days and we also discussed how much safe is there to consume milk and what are all the situations in dairy during this pandemic time.

All of you know that milk is the complete food because from the milk we are getting all the essential nutrients which are required for the growth of our body.

From our last blog, so many people have asked the questions like, during this lockdown, many of the members stop drinking milk so what will happen to the remaining milk? So, here it’s the answer, that surplus (extra) milk is converted into tetrapack milk and dried form of milk i.e. milk powder whose shelf life is up 90 days and 12 months respectively. From that dried milk, we can prepare any dairy products like curd, lassi, buttermilk etc. by reconstituting it.

Now the question comes what is Reconstituted milk?...

According to FSSAI “Reconstituted milk or milk product” means a product resulting from the addition of potable water to the dried or concentrated form of milk or milk products in the amount necessary to re-establish the appropriate water-to-solids ratio to achieve similar end product characteristics like milk.

Everyone wants to consume milk daily but because of this lockdown, many people stopped drinking milk because of fear of coronavirus, even though this lockdown time also still milk is safe to consume that we discussed in our last blog. So if a person is ready to consume milk but he/she don’t want to go outside daily to purchase the milk for those people we are giving you some advice so that they can consume milk daily without going out daily to purchase milk i.e.

1. Dried milk (whole milk powder, skim milk powder etc.)

2. Tetrapack milk (UHT milk)

When all the industries are enjoying a vacation, only those related to the survival goods are functioning at full throttle. Dairy is also one among them. So the obvious question during such crucial and critical times is, ‘Are these products delivered at our doorsteps actually safe and disinfected?’ We discussed it elaborately in our previous blog. You can read it here


But that was a more generic approach. This time we went in deep and chose to discuss this matter with our local officials who are well-versed with the dairy industry in our country. We discussed the dairy products like dried milk and tetrapak milk with one of the well-known dairy in Gujarat. So without wasting any time, we got into the crux of the matter and asked about the entire milk processing cycle, right from where the milk is withdrawn from the cows to the packets delivered to the doorsteps.

Here’s how the packed milk is produced...

The milk that goes into the tetra packs is also collected from the collection booths but for that milk, we have identified specific booths where the milk is of higher grade with the somatic cell count of fewer than 2 lacs per litre. It is then processed to meet the ISO 9000 certified quality milk. This increases its shelf life and keeping quality and can be stored for longer a period of time. There is no human contact throughout this process’

Tetra pack has the shelf life of 3 months at normal room temperature.

The tetra pack packaging material is made up of six different layers they are as follows

1. Polyethyene

2. Paperboard

3. Polyethylene

4. Aluminium foil

5. Polyethylene

6. Polyethylene

Here are the 6 layered packaging material used for the packaging of tetrapak milk.

Tetrapack milk is also known as UHT (ultra-high treatment) milk, its pasteurization temperature is 140-degree Celcius for 1-3 seconds which can kill spore formers also.

So in this quarantine, if you can purchase a huge volume of tetrapack milk once, so your problem to go out daily could be solved.

Yet another thing we need to discuss here is about the production of milk powder. Because it is the thing that helps us to provide milk when actual milk cannot be delivered during such critical times. Here’s what they have said about the milk powder.

Milk Powder