A farmer is a person engaged in agriculture raising living organisms for food. The term usually applies to people who do some combination of raising field crops, orchhards, vineyard, poultry or other livestock. Farmers are an important of our country. After all, INDIA is a agriculture country, we depend highly on our farmer. However, unfortunately, the case is that farmer suicides are a common issue in our country. Each year we see so many cases of these suicides due to a number of reasons. The main reasons for farmers suicides were - debt, environment, low produce prices, apathy, poor irrigation, increased cost of cultivation, private money leaders, use of chemical fertilizers and crop failure.

One of the main reason is DROUGHT. When crops do not get sufficient rainfall they do not yield much produce. This in turn, poses as a great loss to the farmers as their gets wasted and they go in debt. Similarly FLOODS are also a dangerous as drought. Further more, the high debt which the farmer have to pay for the land is another major factor. As they take heavy loans for growing crops and fail to do so, they kill them selves as they do not have money to pay their back.

  • On an average 38 farmers commit suicide everyday in INDIA, one Indian farmer commits suicide every 32 minutes between 1997 and 2005 and since 2012, this has become one suicide every 30 minutes.

  • Indebtedness was the reason behind the suicide of 93% farmers.

The first state where suicide were reported was MAHARASHTRA soon newspaper began to report similar incident from Andhra pradesh. Over THREE LAKH farmers committed suicide in India since 1995. A majority of them were concentrated in five major agriculture States of country- Maharashtra, Madhya pradesh, Andhra pradesh, Karnataka and Chhattisgarh. On an average, around 15,400 farmers ended their lives each year between 1995-2003.This increase to more than 16,000 between 2004 and 2012. An average agri household earn Rs 6,426 per month, adding up to Rs 77,112 annum. Records of the District Crime Records Bureaus in the state indicate that 1,513 farmers committed suicide during 2014-19, but ex gratia was paid in only 391 cases.

How to prevent farmer suicides in India:

  • provide financial literacy.

  • (How to use credit, work out on cost- benifit analysis of investment, risk coping mechanism i.e, insurance- crop & life, increasing saving)

  • Focus on creative alternative livelihood.

  • Encourage multiple cropping.

  • Generate awareness on pesticides usage.

  • Provide timely government input subsidy to farmers

  • Provide quality of seeds

  • *Government in advance should state the premium price for the crops.

  • For this it has implemented different schemes and programmes to revive agriculture sector and to improve economic conditions of the farmers. These agricultural schemes and programmes are very beneficial for the farmers and they must know about it so as to take its benefit.