From the team DELTA (TEAM F)

Hello guys hope you are all safe at home. We are the team delta writing a blog on affect of COVID 19 on Indian fisheries sector.


COVID 19 is the only name encircling all over the world. The virus is 1st time reported in Wuhan city of China in December 2019. Gradually, it spreads as epidemic but, it now has become pandemic and affecting all the world. However some countries taken safety measures before it got pandemic. The countries which underestimate the affect of this virus are paying off severely with rapid increase in positive cases and deaths. The countries which are announcing themselves as supreme powers are affected badly.


The COVID 19  pandemic results in Lockdown in many countries. The lockdown in many countries results in massive depletion in their economic standards. The trade between the countries have been Shut off.

Exactly 101 years after 1918 flu pandemic, the world is again back to square one; widespread COVID19 lockdown has taken the global economy to a grinding halt and policymakers into uncharted territory.



India is now a leading country in the World in fishery trade. India ranks third in fisheries production, and second in aquaculture. Fisheries alone has employed 145 million people and contributed to 1.07% of the GDP and generated export earnings of Rs. 334.41 billion as per a recent estimate of National Fisheries Development Board(NFDB).


But after outbreak of the COVID 19 the scenario had entirely changed. A massive break has come across  the Indian fisheries trade in the form of Lockdown. By thinking about consequences need to face by India due to COVID 19 the Central Government has imposed a 1 day curfew which is followed by 21 days lock down from March 22nd to April 14th. It made a great impact on Indian economy . The entire country is shut down. Only the services like sanitary, police ,health  and agriculture department’s are on duty.

The entire trade is stopped. Only essential supplies are on run.

The fishermen who went into sea before the announcement of the Lockdown are came back with lots of fish. But when they reached the harbour they got shocked by seeing entire area which was empty with no merchants and people. The same situation was seen in all fishing harbours in India. The fishermen had no idea what to do with their stock. There were no merchants to buy the stock. There were no ice factories to preserve the fish with fresh ice. The boat owners were gone to huge losses and they sold their product directly to the people for half of the market rates.

International borders are closed due to lock down, so there is no trade to rest of the countries by means of any transport. There is an estimation of nearly 2000 crores trade is  affected, which is a major draw back for fisheries economy