Five Agri-tech Startups : Aiding Farmers by Multiplying Their Incomes

Team : AGRI - CHALLENGERS (B.voc - agriculture - first year /group 8)

Wouldn't the world become an epitome of perfection for our farmers if they find a way to increase their incomes multi fold? Well, this dream is likely to be fulfilled as many technology-based agriculture startups are working towards empowering farmers.

Agri-tech startups are evolving to make agriculture attain better stance in the economy, and during this course, farmers hold a chance to come out of the existential crisis that is most prevalent among today's rural farmers. These startups are helping the farmers to earn better revenue in their existing business.

For those farmers who are looking to boost their incomes, here is a list of five agri-tech startups that can revolutionize their business.

#1 Technify Biz

Technify Biz is a technology driven food wholesale platform - an Agri supply chain space where the processing of goods can be done directly by the farmers and farmer groups, and can help them create market linkages of goods. The platform simply allows the farmers to bypass middlemen and sell directly to the supermarket chains, processed food manufacturers, and confectioneries. As there's no middlemen involved (middlemen such as brokers, wholesalers, and mandi traders), farmers can easily save their money. Akash Sharma and Abhishek Agarwal, Co-Founders of TechnifyBiz, claim that farmers can increase their income by 200-300 percent by using their platform.

#2 Ninjacart

Fresh fruits and vegetables are being demanded every single day, hour and minute. Ninjacart brags about their cutting edge technology which they use to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to the retailers straight from the farms, across India. The company is one of the largest fresh produce supply chain company. It cuts down the involvement of collection centres, fulfillment centres, and distribution centres and help farmers reach the retailers directly. As fresh fruits and vegetables have a very small shelf life, a platform like Ninjacart benefits both the farmers and the retailers in managing their businesses.

#3 Cropin

Cropin works towards one of the biggest problems for the agriculture sector. There are many factors that can affect the output, and these factors have to be studied before using the land for farming. Finding solutions to these unpredictable elements is necessary and requires a higher degree of accuracy. Cropin uses the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to simply predict what is growing and where it is growing.

#4 Gramophone