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Floriculture is the branch of horticulture that deals with cultivation , processing and marketing of ornamental plants.floriculture includes annuals , biennials and perinnial , ornamentals,such as cacpi and other saculents , bromeliads , trees, shurbs , climbers , bulbous plants, lawns and ornamental grasses , bamboos, orchids, plams ,cycads, foliage, bedding,pots and house plants, cut and loose flowers are the production of ornamental, dried flowers or plants parts.

What is floriculture:

Horticulture predominantly focuses on the production of flowering and foliage plants for ornamental use.these blooms are generally grown in greenhouse that come in the shape of over sized gardens.these venue store a huge number of plants to be used in mass production.

Importants and uses:

Floriculture is one of the most potencial components of the horticulture industry, being important from asthetic , social and economic points of view . It has the potential for generating employment opportunities round-the-year and earning foreign exchange.in many countries, different floriculture value-added products are the main export items from the agriculture sector.

Floriculture comprises the cultivation of plants and flowers used in cosmetics use,in the pharmaceutical and perfume industry,and also for decorative and asthetic purposes, includeing bouquets and floral arrangements.

What are the needs for floriculture:

Have you ever wondered where the bouquet of beautiful blooms presented to you by girl friend or boy friend on a birthday or other special occasion , or the roses you gift that special someone on valentine's day.

Scope :

Rising demand of cut flowers and live plants due to urbanization.India and other Asian countries have been emerging as development centers of floriculture.favourable soil and climate is suitable.several government schemes NHB,APEDA, Flower used for festival , wedding,pooja, funeral, functions,wall decoration, carpet bedding, foreign exchange.source of income for small and marginal farmers.self employment ventures, improvement of waste land , indoors and outdoors landscaping .


Flowers provide a variety of products such as fragrance components and making honey.flowers are used artificially to bring about alternative in agricultural needs.flower attracts insects such as bees in order to fesilitate apiculture.flowers provide shelter to most of organisms such as wasps.and also provide a place to lay eggs in it.flowers can be used in gardening purposes and in homes as attractive ornamets.


The floriculture industry in India compress flower production and trade of flowers , nursery and potted plants,seeds and bulbs,nursery,plant rental services, propagation through tissue culture and essential oils extractions.the development of new bloom varieties , which is done via plant breeding.

BY TEAM: GARDEN MAKERS (B.voc - Horticulture - second year - group no. 1)

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