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A beautiful garden art at home

Kitchen garden is the growing of vegetables and other plants (fruits) useful for human consumption and also a flower garden that exists for aesthetic purpose by using kitchen waste at the backyard of a house or a kitchen.

Kitchen garden began with an ancient days when humans shift from hunting animals into cultivating food. Those days gardens were close to their living places to reduce damage from herbivores. From there the concept of kitchen garden came close into our own homes now-a-days.

It consists of a compost pit in which we throw kitchen waste and several plots of divided land to grow different types of plants. It can also created by using pots or containers depending on the available space near your kitchen.

The first step in kitchen garden is the selection of site. If you have an area to start then make sure it has an adequate sunlight of minimum six hours. If you don’t have any space then placing containers or pots near the windows where sunlight is available.

The next step is preparing the soil to sow the seeds. The land should be divided into plots to grow different plants in each one. Then after based on your climatic conditions make a list of vegetables, fruits, flowers herbs and medicinal plants that are easy to grow in your area.

The common veggies that are suited for kitchen garden are tomato, Brinjal, bhendi, cowpea, cluster bean, onion, chilli and leafy greens like amaranthus, spinach, mestha etc., along with creepers like bitter gourd, snake gourd, ridge gourd, bottle gourd etc.,

The fruit trees which gave shade can be planted at the right place in your kitchen garden. Some of them are mango, Banana, Guava, Papaya etc.,

Planting jasmine in your garden gives pleasant smell along with rose and marigold for other aesthetic values. Medicinal plants like aloe, mint, basil, tulsi gives fresh air and also easily available to you.

A kitchen garden makes your home as a sweet home by supplying organic vegetables and fruits. As there is limited cultivation and caring you don’t need toxic chemicals and pesticides for your garden. Vegetables and fruits of own home garden tastes better than those from market. Every day you can harvest fresh fruits and vegetables for your table which are rich in nutritive values.

The habit of kitchen gardening is an exercise to your body and mind so that also relieves stress. It can also helps to decrease the expenditure on purchasing of fruits and vegetables required for a family.

Now-a- days toxic gases from vehicles and industries pollute our environment extremely. So that we are suffering from many health issues. By planning a kitchen garden at your home gives a fresh air and protects from pollution and health issues.

BY TEAM: TECHNICAL FARMERS (B.voc - Horticulture- second year- group no. 3)

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