Team: Technical farmers

A technical way to increase FARMERS income

As we know that rapidly increasing population leads to the limited land for cultivation and food scarcity. We need increased food productivity along with quantity. To overcome all these problems now-a-days Hi-tech farming is introduced. It includes protected cultivation of vegetables and other crops by using different structures like polyhouses.

A specially constructed structures to grow plants under controlled environmental conditions that is required for a plant growth are called as polyhouses. We can control all the aspects of climate that is responsible for the plant growth and productivity.

Under polyhouse we can cultivate the off season varieties throughout the year. The productivity also increases upto 10-12 times more in less area. Under polyhouse we can grow disease free and highly superior transplants continuously. Polyhouse cultivation decreases the use of resources like water. We can also cultivate the vegetables that are not suitable for a particular area. We can reduce the use of pesticides.

Polyhouse cultivation is also useful for various techniques like hardening of tissue culture plants and also in modern techniques like hydroponics, aeroponics and nutrient film techniques. It is also best for raising nursery plant seedlings.

Polyhouse cultivation refers to the control of climatic conditions artificially by using cooling fans and cooling pads. It is constructed with ultraviolet polythene sheets.

Before starting a polyhouse site selection is very important. It should be free from any shade and the land is in higher lever than the surroundings. It should be available with good quality of irrigation water and electricity.

We can control temperature, humidity, fertilizers under polyhouse cultivation. We can purify the soil from unwanted bacteria,viruses etc., By using soil heating systems.

It includes automated computer technology to manage irrigation and fertigation. It doesn't require maximum man power. We can ensure high quality and high quantity outputs by cultivation under polyhouse.

As polyhouse construction is related with high investment only some farmers can install the structure but it can gives more profit than open field cultivation. To help the farmers different states providing subsidies upto 80% for the polyhouse installation. Awareness among them is required to make them as a highly profitable ones.

BY TEAM: TECHNICAL FARMERS (B.voc - Horticulture - second year - group no. 3)


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