Super Foods as Immunity Boosters & Scare Busters

Hello All, I hope everyone is well. Feeling bored with the same food again and again in this quarantine times. We will never feel bored if we know that the food which we are taking is doing some good things for our body. It’s called Immunity. Foods have a superpower called boosting immunity. Food not only satisfies satiety but also gives immunity to the body. Everyone will be consuming food. But only wise know what they are eating!!! And that’s why all wise people are directed here…

Let's drive with some interesting immunity-boosting foods around the world. Generally, Immune boosting foods will have anti-viral properties. These will give a protective shield to the body and encourages it to fight against foreign bodies. In order to safeguard our natural immunity, raw food consumption should be reduced like raw meats, raw eggs, etc., But, what we have to eat for boosting Immunity?? Let us have a look at five - five star rated Immunity boosting foods.

Basil: A Holy Herb

Also called as Tulasi. One of the holy plant in India. No home will be without basil in the garden. From age-old onwards, we are worshipping this plant. Apart from auspicious things, the plant offers immunity to our body. It is also once used as an antidote for poisoning. Basil is having antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Direct consumption of leaves of hairy basil will be more beneficial. People who are allergic to direct greens can go with pesto. Pesto is a type of sauce made out of basil. We can include this as topping or spread etc., in a variety of dishes. Then Why late?? Try to include basil in your menu for the next meal!!!

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Garlic: The Stinking Rose

One clove of garlic contains substances equal to one lakh of penicillin. Yes, it is right. Garlic has curing properties. It can prevent cancer and can reduce heart diseases. Some researchers say that Chicago got its name by the name of wild garlic “Chicagaoua” and had a presence from more than 6000 years. One of the best dishes from garlic is garlic bread. Garlic bread is yummy and is known worldwide for its robust taste. So, What to do now?? Let's invade garlic like a king and increase immunity to fight with micro-enemies.

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Grapes: A Reserve of Resveratol

Grapes along with some other berries, groundnuts, and cocoa contains some immune-boosting properties. It contains resveratrol in its composition, which will help for boosting immunity. But the main hindrance is surface contamination. Most of the grapes during their growing stages offer shelter for many wild yeasts. Soaking of grapes in saltwater before consumption creates hell for these microbes. Why late?? Go great with grapes.

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Coconut: Break the Nut

The only plantation crop, where every part of the plant is useful right from root to shoot. The Presence of lauric acid and caprylic acid in cold-pressed coconut oil will boost up the immunity and makes healthier. Even dishes made out of coconut meat are also really good. Let cherish this sweet relish.

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Ginger: A Roaring Rhizome

Ginger is known for its stringent aroma and is also known as Stringa vera-a body with horn. It is antimicrobial in nature. It gives great taste when added to the diet. Ginger Ale, a type of beer, is used as a folk medicine for stomach upset and is popular among Jamaica and other places.

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Along with above foods, Spices like Star Anise-A Star on the earth, Vitamin-rich foods like citrus, papaya, mango, carrots, bell peppers, amla and pumpkins, Zinc rich foods like sunflower seeds, seafood and selenium-rich foods like onion, garlic, and others can be included in the diet for better benefits.

Hope this content is useful. HAVE GOOD FOOD DAY FOODIES!!!!!