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Terrace is a raised space of ground constructed around dwelling house or at the corner of a garden or on the sides of the hill.whrn this terrace is used for sort of gardening this is known as terrace gardening.this type of garden is basically ment for the place of leisure and pleasure .a terrace garden is generally constructed just infront of the house from where a view of the whole garden can be uptaind but this can also be constructed in any other corner of the garden from where a deer you can be uptaind.

What is Terrace garden ?

This is the method of growing crops on sides of hills or mountains by planting on graduated terrace build into the slab . through labour - intensive,the method has been employed effectively to maximize arable land area in variable terrains and to reduce soil erosion and water logging.

Terrace cultivation has been practiced in China, Japan, The Phillipines and other areas of Oceania and south east asia ., Around the Mediterranean., in parts of Africa, and in the Andes of South America for centuries.

What are the uses of Terrace garden:

Terraced fields decreases both soil erosion and surface runoff and can be used to support growing crops that require irrigation. Terrace garden retain rain water and thus help in moderate the temperature.

Types of gardens:

Roof garden, ground garden ,organic garden, butterfly garden, container garden, demonstration garden.

What are the needs for Terrace gardening:

Requirements for terrace garden is not very expensive, you can get all the items for nurserys along with plants are seeds , containers , growing beds, pots , gardening equipments, gardening soil or poting soil and organic manure.

Steps on how to make Terrace garden:

  • Getting started:

Check for water proofing of your roof slab . They are two different ways to make terrace gardens , either you can cover the entire surface with soil to make a lown or you can put earthern pots and plant seeds in them.

  • Drainage of water:

Hence drainage layer on terrace is must.thus a drainage layer must be provided above insulation layer , so that the excess water is drained.drainage mats are commonly used as drainage layer . Then a geo -textile filter layer must be laid , which separates the drainage layer and the soil layer.after filter layer soil mixture must be placed for growing plants . Check wind speed on your terrace.

  • Layout of the terrace garden:

Placing of different pots and space for recreational activities must be planned out properly . Check the areas which are shaded and areas which receive sun light for the maximum time of the day.

  • Select the plants for terrace garden:

Select plants according to the sun shade on your roof, weak plants which require less sun light must be placed in the shaded areas.

  • Select the parfect soil and containers:

The soil must be selected according to the plants.different soil types must be filled in the pots . Pots or plant containers are important to terrace garden.you can use raised beds.

Advantages of the Terrace garden:

Reduce the indoors temperature by 6-8degree celcius and can reduce air conditioning cost . reduce overall heat absorb tion of buildings and insulate the building againest heat and cold.the convenience of safe , pesticides free, healthy green and fresh fruits or vegetables.terrace garden is increases the amount of oxigen in the air . They provide fresh air in maintaining your health.terrace garden are absorb carbon dioxide and helps in reducing the heat in surrounding of your home.the major advantage of raised beds is that they are wider, compare to pots.


As the world is heading towards the depletion of natural resources and the loose of forest /garden area due to urbanization, there is a dire need of terrace garden .due to the population explosion with a house for every citizen in the country, all the open areas are eaten a way by concrete buliding.

BY TEAM: GARDEN MAKERS (B.voc - Horticulture - second year - group no. 1)