Vegan Meats - Feed two birds with one Scone - For a Heavenly Palette of Planet (Team Agni - Food)

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Hello Everyone, hope everyone is safe. Here we are with an interesting topic for foodies – Vegan meats. Most of the people are fond of non-vegetarian based meats and a lot of exploration of it has been seen over the years. Based on preferences, some will opt vegetarian based foods and some go with nonvegetarian dishes. These days, vegetarian dishes have become popular and most of the people are preferring it based on their health conditions and other factors.

But there is another super concept called vegan. Vegans only consume plant-based foods and avoid all types of animal-based products like honey and animal milk. The vegan world is really heaven made up of plant milk, fresh greens, power-packed pulses, magic millets, and fantastic fruits and vegetables. Apart from that, animal meat can also be imitated with vegan packs. Vegan meat has the exact texture and taste of animal meat but is made of pure vegan ingredients. Let’s take an entry pass to this wonderful vegan world and explore the ingredients used in vegan meat.


Seitan is derived from the protein portion of the wheat flour. Homemade seitan is a type of wheat gluten that is prepared from wheat flour. Firstly wheat flour is made into dough and is soaked in water for some time. Later it is washed under running water and a portion of gluten is obtained. Later stretchy gluten will be simmered in soy sauce, tamarind, ginger or other spices for one hour or more based on the type of gluten. This process makes the seitan which is meatier in texture. The obtained seitan can be used in the preparation of squash sauté, shitake mushroom stroganoff and other stews. Let’s go great with softy seitan folks!!!


Among the five sacred grains of Chinese, soybean takes a prominent place. Tofu means soy curd. There are several types of tofu-like silken tofu, firm tofu, dried tofu, etc; Tofu gives good texture and taste to all types of dishes. This is preferred by all groups of consumers due to its wholesomeness and nutritional properties. Try tofu for the next time and experience the real plant curd.


Tempeh is a common replacement of nonvegetarian proteins. Tempeh is a fermented soybean and has a distinct flavor. This is having easily digestible starches which are good for health. It will be having nutty, earthy flavor but can be used as a plain base for any type of food. This is mostly used in formulating vegan meats due to its distinct flavor.

Nutritional yeast:

Nutritional Yeast is one of the important ingredients in vegan dishes which is added as a replacement for cheese. Nutritional Yeast may be a source Vitamin B12 and has some other added benefits. It is dairy product free and gluten-free. It has inactivated forms of yeast and is different from brewer’s yeast. It can be used as a versatile seasoning. Popcorn sprinkled with nutritional yeast makes snacks perfect. Try out this wonderful ingredient for your next vegan snack.


This is one of the trending names from vegan voices. This is actually a water type of viscous liquid in which chickpeas and other legumes are cooked. It will the egg white and gives the properties when added to vegan dishes. Some people can’t break down an amino acid called phenylalanine in their bodies. To them, the inclusion of aquafaba is the diet that will be helpful. As it is a new ingredient, still research is going on about its nutrition. Till them, eat for taste and not for nutrition.

These are so ingredients that are used for vegan meats. These can be included in all vegan diets also. Conquer the kitchen with these vegan ingredients and make yourself healthy.

Have a good day, foodies…… Pic Courtesy by Adobe stock